Sony Playstation 3

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Sony Playstation 3
After a long wait has finally dropped the veil that hid the Playstation 3. The new home console, Sony is definitely a monster of power from all points of view and is also the first machine to use the format Blu-Ray support.
In the new war of the consoles, the new generation of machines, the victory will go to those who may be able to come out first on the market and with the highest number of games. But there are also other factors of marketing are very important, because - as they say in proverbs - "the fast is often bad advisor", which means that out long before the competitors, but with a machine made worse, or with fewer resources, shopping can turn into a boomerang. Sony, as always, has done things with great care and there are two factors that leap to the eye: Backward compatibility with the PS2 and the ability to connect up to 7 gamepad (wireless). Nice shot. Compared to non-compatibility of the machine Microsoft is certainly a nice benefit and, moreover, ensures that developers are still willing to invest in the PS2 in the transition period, while the Xbox 360 will instead be the most bitter enemy ... Xbox! Furthermore connectivity for 7 (!) joypad says a lot of its attention to the multiplayer Japanese house, which obviously has changed their attitude. There is, inter alia, an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Weaknesses? And are represented by two factors now become chronic home Sony: Blu-ray format above, it is certainly a wonderful thing, but a game in Blu-Ray will cost definitely more than one registered holder of old (at least initially) and ultimately the price factor is becoming increasingly important. Secondly, the multiplayer online in this field is the host, and Microsoft is unlikely that the dominance of the company that owns the rights of the most widely used browser on the planet and the network of dominant-mail and chat (MSN) will miss the scepter. Sony a similar network does not have it and past experience (read: EA) have shown that not just rely on good will and investment of third parties. But is it so vital to the mass of casual gamers to spend more money to play online? Time will tell, while PS3 users can expect an attractive design and graphics and performance of fear.

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Wow! What an excellent and thorough review. I have made up my mind to buy one just because I read your review.

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